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Join 360 Communities and End Domestic Violence


by Sal Mondelli President & CEO Ayan Abdi Abdulahi, 21. Carol Lee Alexander-Pickart, 76. Kelly Ann Anderson, 45. Samirria White, 19. Victoria Alvarez, 15. These are just some of the names and ages of 24 known Minnesota victims of domestic violence homicide in 2015, according to the Minnesota Coalition For Battered Women (MCBW). Each time a [...]

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Dakota Healthy Families Empowers Parents


Steven and Cindy are participants in our Dakota Healthy Families (DHF) home visiting program, which works to enhance parenting skills of first-time parents who live in Dakota County. DHF home visitors help create a family environment where children are safe, healthy and nurtured. They partner with parents to ensure that children are prepared for kindergarten. Steven [...]

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Partnering to Help Juan Get Back on Track


Juan was a 4th grader at Mendota Elementary. He was acting out at school, lying, trying to get the attention of others, and often found himself in the principal’s office. Juan’s family emigrated from El Salvador because of the violence in their home country. Juan’s parents, Maria and Jorge, did not want to raise their children [...]

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Survivor Finds Strength in Telling Her Story


Jules was subjected to sexual assault multiple times by her boss and was revictimized by a company that was not equipped to address her complaints appropriately. She eventually left the company because of the trauma and subsequent health problems she experienced. This past spring, Jules attended 360 Communities’ Sexual Assault Services advocacy training, seeking a way [...]

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Lewis House Volunteer Calls the Work ‘an Honor’


In 2007, Linda Kautzky was a stay-at-home mom with two small children. She was looking for a volunteer opportunity where she could give back to the community and make a meaningful impact. She began doing data entry work for 360 Communities. She says the work helped her understand the breadth of services and resources that 360 [...]

Lewis House Volunteer Calls the Work ‘an Honor’2019-02-18T01:09:56-06:00
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