Green-Ribbon-Initiatives-AwardGreen Ribbon Initiatives, a nonprofit corporation, recently recognized the community building partnership of Thomson Reuters’ Eagan Green Team, Dakota Woodlands, and 360 Communities Lewis House.

In 2010, the Thomson Reuters Eagan Green Team launched an onsite organic garden staffed by 30 employee volunteers to provide fresh produce to benefit of the residents of both organizations. Last year the Eagan Green Team also launched a series of cooking, canning, jamming and pickling classes for residents to learn how to use donated produce. Since the start of the garden, the Eagan Green Team has donated more than 3,700 lbs. of organic produce to its partners.

“It is a joy to see public-private partnerships like this thrive in our community and make Eagan a better place to live,” said Jim Borgschatz, president of Green Ribbon Initiatives.

Green Ribbon Initiatives was formed in 2013 to identify and celebrate significant community engagement initiatives and partnerships in Eagan. Awards are be presented to programs that build relationships and a collective sense of community in Eagan while promoting sustainable action that strengthens community engagement.

Award-pic“We are honored to receive this Green Ribbon Initiatives Award for our part in this partnership,” said 360 Communities President and CEO Sal Mondelli, “This effort is proof of how the creative energy and initiative of one organization can have a multiplier effect through collaboration, creating sustaining impacts in the community.”

“What the Eagan Green Team did for our families cannot be measured in dollars, in fact, some of our younger parents have never seen some of the food in a ‘fresh’ state,” said an employee from Dakota Woodlands. “The classes were very well-presented – our residents enjoyed them so very much and all took away new skills.”

Dakota Woodlands provides shelter and support services to homeless women and families, while Lewis House provides safe housing, support, and advocacy to survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault.

Thomson Reuters is the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, with a major operation located in Eagan, Minn.

The Green Ribbon Leadership Team consists of Jim Borgschatz (president), Gene VanOverbeke, Tom Hedges, Arleen Sullivan, Dave Unmacht, Paula Forbes, Don Hoeft.