360 Communities volunteer Barb Little

Volunteer Spotlight: Barb Little

After working in retail for 30-plus years, Barb retired and knew that volunteering was what she wanted to do with her time. Barb Little started volunteering with us in July of 2022, and since then, she has become an essential part of our team. She is driven to give back to the community … and have fun while doing it!

She appreciates the welcoming and open-minded environment at 360 Communities, where everyone, whether a client or coworker, is treated with kindness and respect.

Barb is a curious person, always asking questions about how things work and how the organization is doing. She loves the variety of jobs that she has taken on and the friends that she has made. Through her volunteer work, Barb has become more mindful of diversity and wants to learn more about different cultures and languages.

For Barb, volunteering is rewarding, and it brings her so much joy. She loves meeting different clients and seeing their smiles and gratitude. It warms her soul to know she’s making a difference in someone’s life. Barb recommends that everyone should try volunteering, as it’s an experience that you will never regret.

“My shift goes so quickly because I have so much fun, everyone works together. You can volunteer as little or as much as you want. You will never regret this experience.”

One of Barb’s favorite volunteer activities was the Farmers Market, where she enjoyed the hard work and fun atmosphere. She’s proud to tell her family, friends, and anyone she meets that this is where she volunteered. Barb loves the positivity that everyone brings to work each day, and she feels like part of the group.

She has loved her experience so much, she decided to apply to work here! Barb is our new Welcome Desk Receptionist! We are incredibly grateful to have her on staff at 360 Communities. Her dedication and passion for our mission are an inspiration to us all. Thank you, Barb, for making a difference in our community and for being a shining example of what it means to give back.