360 Communities volunteer Rich Wirt

Volunteer Spotlight: Rich Wirt

360 Communities honored Rich Wirt at the 37th Annual Domestic and Sexual Violence Awareness Luncheon with a Community Caring Award for his work to support abuse survivors. Rich has given 20 years of volunteer service at the Lewis Houses and the Rosemount Resource Center and Food Shelf. Last year, Rich donated 215 hours of time and talent, repairing things and supporting families.

“His ability to fix almost anything makes an incredible difference and saves 360 Communities a huge amount of money,” says 360 Communities Advocate Leah L., “Rich and his wife also bring in treats and goodie bags for families on different occasions throughout the year.”

Leah says Rich is a patient mentor for the kids in the shelter. He talks with them as they follow him around the building, and he lets them help him as much as possible.

He says the relationships with other volunteers, staff, and all the people we serve have been the most rewarding part of his volunteer experience. “360 Communities treats everyone the same, with dignity and respect, caring for all,” says Rich.

“I’m proud to volunteer with an organization that has those values. 360 Communities is all about helping people in need, but it goes beyond that. I love all the relationships that are built throughout the community.”

Rich is a valuable and caring member of our 360 Communities team. Thank you, Rich, for the care you have shown our community!