Break the Stigma of asking for help

Asking for help is not easy for anyone, especially when a person needs to reach out to an agency like 360 Communities for the first time. With the Break the Stigma campaign, 360 Communities hopes to eliminate the shame people often associate with asking for help. With COVID-19, many people find themselves faced with mounting bills, hunger, and even homelessness for the first time in their lives. 

Rosemount neighbor Bridget wants to help people who might hesitate to go to 360 Communities because of stigma. She says she does not make enough money to stay afloat with one income for her family of five. “With bills and life, it’s beyond expensive. That said, whenever I need help, 360 Communities is always here for me.”

She values the sense of community she feels when she comes to the Rosemount Resource Center because the staff and volunteers never make her feel embarrassed or ashamed. “They welcome you and want to hear your story,” says Bridget. Bridget and her family also appreciate the opportunity to volunteer and give back at the food shelf and resource center.  Keep an eye out on social media for more #BreakTheStigma posts and help our neighbors in need connect with 360 Communities.