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Mother achieves housing stability


Family faces homelessness Jasmine is an optimistic person and looks for the positive in every situation. But recently, she faced a crisis that has become all too common in Dakota County: the prospect of homelessness. Jasmine and her nine-year-old daughter moved from one apartment to a larger one in the same complex and became involved [...]

Mother achieves housing stability2023-03-16T12:49:13-05:00

Break the Stigma


Break the Stigma of asking for help Asking for help is not easy for anyone, especially when a person needs to reach out to an agency like 360 Communities for the first time. With the Break the Stigma campaign, 360 Communities hopes to eliminate the shame people often associate with asking for [...]

Break the Stigma2021-07-07T15:19:17-05:00

Exciting changes at the Farmington Food Shelf


The Farmington Food Shelf recently moved down the hall in the Farmington Area Public Schools' Instructional Service Center building at 510 Walnut Street. Volunteer lead Cherie Rudolph says that when the school district remodeled, they gave special attention to the food shelf's needs. With the new space, the Farmington Food Shelf has a dedicated entrance [...]

Exciting changes at the Farmington Food Shelf2020-08-09T14:42:16-05:00

Healthy food choices abound at 360 Communities


Over the past year, an exciting evolution has been taking place with 360 Communities’ network of five food shelves. This summer we introduced Healthy Food Guidelines, prioritizing the purchase of healthy food for our food shelf customers. “The most costly items in grocery store are the best for you - things like lean protein, dairy, and produce,” [...]

Healthy food choices abound at 360 Communities2019-02-18T01:09:44-06:00

Give to 360 Communities for the health of your community


By Sal Mondelli President & CEO It feels good to give. In fact, there are studies that suggest charitable giving is actually good for your health. This is the season of giving, and nowhere is this more apparent than at the 360 Communities Armful of Love holiday gift program. Just ask the Rotary Club of Apple [...]

Give to 360 Communities for the health of your community2019-02-18T01:09:55-06:00

Cities 97 Sampler Funds 360 Communities Lewis House


Recently, Cities 97 chose 360 Communities to share in the money raised from the Cities 97 Sampler, Volume 26!  360 Communities received $5,000 to fund violence prevention and intervention work at our Lewis House sexual and domestic violence shelters. About 3,000 people each year benefit from the refuge, resources, advocacy, and community outreach offered at our Lewis [...]

Cities 97 Sampler Funds 360 Communities Lewis House2019-02-18T01:09:57-06:00

Innovative collaboration addresses increasing need


By: Brian Geraty, Executive Director, Vineyard Community Services & Jeff Mortensen, Chief Operating Officer, 360 Communities Earlier this year, the Brookings Institute released data showing that between 2000 and 2011, the ranks of the poor in the Twin Cities suburbs grew by more than 115,000 -- a 128% increase in that time. This report highlights the [...]

Innovative collaboration addresses increasing need2019-02-18T01:10:02-06:00
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