Kathy and her three children moved from Texas to Minnesota in 2016 to live with her boyfriend, Rick. It wasn’t long after they moved in with him that Rick became abusive. Kathy contacted Lewis House for help.

Advocates helped her safely leave home and enter the shelter. They worked with her on safety planning and employment. They connected her with a Partners For Success® family support worker at her children’s new school to ensure the students could get back on track and thrive. Kathy attended support groups and worked weekly with staff toward her goals. She found a job and a new, safe home for her family. When they left the shelter, she filled out a survey and described what Lewis House meant to her and her children.

Everyone was amazing. You all supported my family in so many ways. I could write a book. I appreciate you all in my lives. You helped me feel confident in myself again. I was broken, ashamed, confused, and lost when I arrived at Lewis House, but you all, one day at a time, helped me pull my head out of the clouds. Now my days are sunny and bright. I am forever grateful for Lewis House. I will never forget you all.