When survivors are ready to leave our Lewis House shelters, 360 Communities staff asks them to complete an anonymous survey about their experience with 360 Communities. With a victim-centered approach, we use these surveys to better understand how supported survivors feel when they leave the shelter. We are always looking for ways to improve as well.

Here are several examples of what survivors had to say about their
time with us:


“All staff were helpful and made me feel comfortable.

[The advocate] was very helpful. She
was easy to talk to and gave great advice. She made my stay much easier.”

“I gained confidence when I separated from him. I will survive, I can be safe and remain alive.”

“I am so grateful for the safe place to land with my kids. I feel sad I am leaving because it came to feel
like a home to us.”

“Never forget for a minute, even when there is drama and chaos going on, that you are all working
wonders for domestic violence victims. I am now not a victim, but a survivor! THANK YOU SO MUCH!”