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Miesville FiftySix ride raises over $14,000!

May 31st, 2019|

Angie Hop and Sean Pease have a passion for biking and a love for community. The two have been organizing the Miesville FiftySix gravel road bicycle ride for five years. This year, they wanted to do something different: use the event to make a charitable impact in Dakota County. That’s when they turned to 360 Communities. And we are thankful they did!  Up until this year, their annual 56-mile gravel bike ride through Dakota County farm country was a free event. This year, on April 28th, 400 Miesville FiftySix riders registered for the event and more than half [...]

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Driven student graduates early with support from Partners For Success®.

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360 Communities Provides Choice When It’s Needed Most

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Make giving back a way of life with 360 Communities

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