High school staff referred Stacy to the Partners For Success program in the fall of 2017. Stacy and her 2-year-old daughter Jackie recently moved into the school district to live with a family friend. Family Support Worker Rebecca met with Stacy and confirmed that her new housing situation was safe but temporary. Rebecca partnered with Stacy to set goals of housing stability, high school graduation, and financial security. Rebecca contacted the school district and arranged transportation and school lunch support for her.

Rebecca and Stacy worked on a Family Learning Plan together, working on time management, organizational skills, and improved communication with teachers. Stacy planned to graduate in the Spring. Rebecca supported her with resources like Armful of Love gifts, food, baby items, clothing, and other items. She felt humbled by the community’s generosity and appreciated the help.

They navigated systems together to ensure Stacy had access to SNAP benefits, child care, medical insurance, and employment counseling. In partnership with the school guidance counselor and the district, Rebecca identified a school for Stacy outside of the school district that included on-site child care for dependents of enrolled students. Rebecca knew it was the most beneficial placement for Stacy to ensure she could graduate from high school. In the weeks before she transferred, Stacy’s housing became increasingly unstable as she was wearing out her welcome at her family friend’s house.

After Stacy transferred to her new school, Rebecca continued to keep in touch with her and offer her support. Rebecca emailed Stacy about an application window for Community Development Agency housing vouchers. Not long after, Stacy dropped by the school for some paperwork and delivered some exciting news – not only would she be graduating as she intended, but she also was selected for the subsidized housing voucher. She would have affordable housing of her own in just a few weeks!

This story is another powerful example of the positive impact Partners For Success has on students and their families by providing care, support, and stabilizing resources.