Lydia separated from her husband at the beginning of the school year. Her landlord removed her husband from the lease, but rental payments were still linked to his bank account. When her husband stopped making payments, Lydia and her two children were at risk of eviction. So, staff at her two boys’ elementary school referred her to Partners For Success® Family Support Worker Cedar for support.

Partners for Success® delivers holistic supports

Lydia and boysCedar recognized that Lydia was not comfortable with her English abilities and preferred to speak in Spanish. Cedar knew that there were Spanish-speakers available in the Dakota County Northern Service Center. Because of this, she was able to help Lydia apply for emergency assistance through the county. Lydia expressed apprehension about talking to her landlord to set up a payment plan or delay eviction, so Cedar communicated on her behalf. 

Cedar spoke with Lydia’s landlord and explained the circumstances behind the missing rent. She communicated the plan they had developed to bring her rent up-to-date. The landlord said she would hold off on eviction until Dakota County notified her that Lydia’s application for emergency assistance was in process.

In the meantime, Cedar connected Lydia with tangible supports like school supplies for her boys, food, holiday gifts for the family, and winter coats. Dakota County approved Lydia’s application for emergency support, and she worked out a payment plan with her landlord to stay in their apartment.  Cedar advocated for Lydia, and helped her access the resources she needed. This ensured that her family had a safe and stable home during an uncertain time. When Covid-19 hit, Cedar supported the family with distance learning, ensuring the boys could stay on track in school. By connecting with Partners For Success®, their family was able to thrive.

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