Child care provider educating children.

Child Care Aware staff supported 159 child care providers last year with training and support, helping in increase their Parent Aware Star Ratings.

360 Communities’ Child Care Aware staff train and support child care providers to earn their Parent Aware Star ratings. Child care providers can distinguish themselves by earning up to four stars. All star-rated programs go above and beyond licensing requirements to support school readiness. This work strengthens child care programs, better preparing children for school.

Here are some of the provider testimonials for this crucial work:

“Parent Aware has helped rejuvenate the operation of my daycare. It has given me the confidence to run a well-organized program. I have been able to purchase items that I would not have been able to without the help of Parent Aware. I really enjoy my job and have a new appreciation for it since joining Parent Aware.”
– Jane Newman

“Parent Aware challenged me to be more thought provoking in almost every aspect of my family child care program. It helped me to see areas of my program that needed or could be strengthened. Having a committed coach like Karen Bradley has definitely boosted my confidence by growing my knowledge, awareness and guidance through all the steps reaching for the star levels. She is part and parcel to the growth I’ve established since joining Parent Aware.”
– Jean Dommer, Together We Grow Family Child Care

“Parent Aware has helped me implement new ways of teaching the children such as helping me find an observation and assessment tool. I have received many opportunities to network with providers, which has been wonderful getting new and different ideas from others in the field. I have also enjoyed a wonderfulpartnership with my coach who has helped my program in numerous ways such as observing me with the children, sharing new ideas to implement with the children, and helping me incorporate new learning toolsand toys for my program.”
– Melissa Enke, BA Ed., Melissa’s Munchkins Child Care