Armful of Love Sponsors

This year, to reduce exposure to COVID-19, 360 Communities is making a significant change to the Armful of Love program.  Instead of asking gift sponsors to shop for presents with a family’s wish list, we are asking for donations of gift cards (with receipts attached) in denominations that are multiples of $25 from Target, Walmart, Visa, MasterCard, or Amazon, in addition to grocery gift cards from Cub Foods or ALDI.  This change will eliminate multiple points of possible exposure for all individuals involved with the program, and still deliver support to families.

When budgeting for this year’s Armful of Love, consider an average need of $100 per child and $50 per adult in each family you sponsor, plus any additional grocery gift cards. For example, to sponsor a family of two adults and two children, you would budget $300, plus the value of any grocery gift cards.

With this change, face-to-face contact will be minimized, and limiting gift cards to the above stores ensures that families can shop online and have gifts delivered to their homes if they wish to avoid stores or do not have transportation. A benefit to this modified approach is that parents will be able to shop for their own families, adding dignity and choice to their holiday season.

If you would like to be a gift sponsor this year, please fill out the form on this page.