Jules-CC400Jules was subjected to sexual assault multiple times by her boss and was revictimized by a company that was not equipped to address her complaints appropriately. She eventually left the company because of the trauma and subsequent health problems she experienced. This past spring, Jules attended 360 Communities’ Sexual Assault Services advocacy training, seeking a way to help other women who have experienced sexual assault. Since she has completed the state-mandated 40 hour training, she can now volunteer as a sexual assault services advocate.

She is already giving back by speaking out in the media and in front of groups to raise awareness. Jules recently came back to 360 Communities Lewis House to tell her story at the October Sexual Assault Services advocacy training. For Jules, speaking out is therapeutic and offers her a chance to turn a negative into a positive. “You have to keep talking about it. You can’t hold it inside,” says Jules, “The more I talk about it, the better it makes me feel and it still helps me heal.”