360 Communities Support Groups

360 Communities offers comfortable, educational, non-judgmental spaces for women and youth to share their experiences and ask questions after experiencing domestic violence or sexual assault. Each group is facilitated by a trained advocate to help guide the conversation and help people process and cope with their unique circumstances.

Domestic and sexual violence impacts thinking, emotions, and behavior. Support groups can help individuals better understand what happened, give emotional support, and provide tools to help heal. They can rebuild confidence and help people regain a sense of control as they continue on a path of healing.

If you are interested in learning more about our support groups, please fill out the form below or call (651) 452-7288. We also offer online support groups through a partnership with RAINN. For access and more information, click here.

 It’s so positive, I love coming here.

Participant, Support Group

 I can say what’s on my mind without being judged. 

Participant, Support Group

 I love the support group; I can learn about red flags and how to keep myself safe.

Participant, Support Group

 The group facilitator is great! She knows exactly what we need.

Participant, Support Group

Online Support Groups

360 Communities has partnered with RAINN to provide weekly virtual support groups to all survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault.

To view information about these groups, click below.

Online Support Chat