Violence prevention starts with you. In your home, your community, and your schools.

By sending agency leaders into schools, faith communities, service organizations and businesses, 360 Communities raises awareness about teen dating violence, bullying, date/acquaintance rape, sexual assault and harassment, and the effects and prevalence of domestic violence. 360 Communities advocates also teach younger students about peacemaking and conflict resolution, developing skills that stop violence before it starts, teaching boys to value and respect women and girls, and encouraging men to become our allies in ending violence against women.

Community education presentations typically last one hour and often include videos and role playing that relates to the topic. For more information about this 360 Communities’ violence prevention education service and for information on specific presentations available, call 360 Communities Violence Prevention Education at (651) 244-9826 or request a speaker using the form below.

Violence Prevention Resources

Classes we offer

  • Bullying and Power and Control issues
  • Building healthy relationships “Healthy House”
  • Recognizing Abusive Patterns, healthy vs. unhealthy vs. abusive
  • Dating violence 101, introduction to consent, sexual violence, power and control, and the cycle of abuse (2-40 minute classes)
  • Sexual violence 101, consent, sexual violence terms, power and control, scenarios, and resources (2-40 minute classes)
  • Changing the rape culture, sexual violence, consent, ending myths and victim blaming, examples of current media and stories, challenging that culture, scenarios (can be 1 or 2 days)
  • Domestic and sexual violence, prep for after high school, power and control, effects of trauma, Tyler’s story, application, impacts on our culture and society
  • ACES and child abuse
  • School staff presentations on domestic and sexual violence, and how to see signs and support students in trauma
  • Vicarious and secondary trauma and self care
  • General information on 360 Communities and domestic and sexual violence in Dakota County
  • DV forensic exams
  • Restraining orders
  • Lethality assessments

School curriculum outcomes


This class really helped me know what to look for in a healthy and unhealthy relationship. I am so glad you are teaching this to us!

Student, Hastings High School

I have experienced what you are talking about and am grateful you are teaching this very important information about difficult things. I think you can save lives by teaching this!

Student, Eastview High School

24/7 Violence Prevention Services:
Sexual Assault Hotline: (651) 405-1500
Lewis House in Eagan: (651) 452-7288
Lewis House in Hastings: (651) 437-1291

Support Groups