Note: Trigger Warning

“What were you wearing?” is one of the most common victim-blaming questions victims/survivors endure.

With our “What were you wearing?” project, 360 Communities seeks to dispel the myth that the clothes a person wears can invite sexual violence. We want to shift the blame back to where it belongs: the perpetrator. We asked for victims/survivors of sexual assault to share their experiences anonymously to help us do this. 

Below are their stories. Each story includes their age and the clothing they wore at the time of their assault. We realize these stories are difficult to process and can be triggering to survivors of sexual violence. If you need support, please call our 24/7 Sexual Assault Hotline at (651) 405-1500.

Interested in submitting your story for our April exhibition? Fill out the form below. 

360 Communities and Art Works in Eagan are partnering for a live exhibition of the project that will open on April 3rd and run throughout the month.

This is an ongoing project.  If you have been sexually assaulted and would like to share your story,  a description of what you were wearing when you were sexually assaulted/abused, and your age (or approximate), please fill out our form.

This is completely anonymous. Please do not share any identifying information. We will put together the outfits as described and display them along with any words shared. These exhibits have been done in other cities and have had a powerful impact.

We realize that reading this and recalling your assault may be triggering, whether you chose to participate or not. Please take the time and space you need to process anything you are feeling and practice self-care. If you need support, please call our 24/7 Sexual Assault Hotline at (651) 405-1500.

What were you wearing? Exhibition submission

If you are a survivor of sexual assault and would like your story told through this exhibition, fill out the form below. Please do not provide any identifying details. Thank you!

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      If you would like to share a photo or photos of the clothing, please make sure nothing identifies you.