360 Communities volunteer Kathy Lindberg

Volunteer Spotlight: Kathy Lindberg

A desire to help those in need drives Kathy Lindberg to volunteer. While living in Texas, she had donated her time to a church-run food shelf. When she moved back to Farmington in 2018, she did her research and decided to volunteer at 360 Communities’ Farmington Food Shelf.

“I saw the need for this service in our community, and after hearing about 360 Communities and the services they provide, I know I wanted to be a part of this organization,” says Kathy.

“I appreciate the fact that 360 Communities not only helps those in need with food, but works with people to assist with other needs that may help them, such as the domestic violence shelter, housing needs, and school support for our young people.”

In addition to volunteering, Kathy likes running an annual food drive during her neighborhood’s “Night Out” gathering.

She thoroughly enjoys working with people and the other volunteers. “I found myself as a part of a ‘family’ who works very well together and have met so many wonderful people.”

Kathy appreciates that 360 Communities supports people with respect and without judgment. “I am grateful for 360 Communities and the good work they are doing to assist those in need in Dakota County,” she says. “I am so proud to be a small part of this organization.”