Lakeview Bank recently honored long-time 360 Communities volunteer, Linda Kautzky, with the 2021 Citizen’s Volunteer Legacy Award in recognition of her time and energy to support women and children fleeing domestic violence and abuse. 360 Communities is proud to celebrate Linda’s well-deserved accolade. Over 15 years ago, she began volunteering as a support group facilitator at the Eagan Lewis House, where she offered her calming presence and a listening ear to women experiencing trauma.

360 Communities Violence Prevention and Intervention Manager Ann Averill says Linda’s dedication is exceptional and another example of how volunteers inspire hope for the future through service.

“Over the years, Linda has always remained positive, inquisitive, and ready to help when she can,” says Averill, “She is always looking for ways to engage and support people who need services, resources, or just someone who will listen and believe them.” 

Linda has helped women with resume writing to build their self-confidence and independence. And three years ago, she expanded her role with 360 Communities by becoming a volunteer court advocate. She now provides emotional support in the courtroom as women seek legal protection from their abusers. 

“I am not an attorney, I’m not a family member, I’m not a friend,” says Linda. “I am there to be a support for that person, to help them understand what to expect, and to just be with them. Just having someone sit next to you in that experience can make such a world of difference.”

Linda says she witnesses an impressive resilience in victims/survivors that sometimes they do not recognize in themselves.

 “I fully appreciate now how strong the women are who come into 360 Communities for support, or make a phone call for support, or have to face off with their abuser in court,” says Linda, “It is an honor and a privilege to be able to help them see how strong they are.”

We thank you, Linda, for embodying 360 Communities’ mission to “deliver safety and stability that improves lives” of victims/survivors. Says Ann Averill, “She has been a true inspiration to me, our staff, and the community as a whole.”

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