360 Communities volunteer Tom Meaden

Volunteer Spotlight: Tom Meaden

Tom Meaden is a familiar face around the 360 Communities Rosemount Resource Center and Food Shelf, where he has volunteered since 2020. He lives in Rosemount with his wife, Cris, and their son, Jonathan.

Tom Meaden spent a 52-year career in the grocery industry, 28 with Cub Foods. He’s managed stores and spent time as an executive in the corporate office before retiring. He first connected with 360 Communities’ Rosemount Resource Center and Food Shelf while managing the Rosemount Cub Foods in 2001. This partnership led to rescue food and other support for the food shelf.

Retirement brings opportunity

After retiring in 2019, he decided to use his experience to help the community by volunteering. He chose 360 Communities because he wanted to give back to the community that had supported Cub Foods.  He also saw his experience and skills could be useful at the food shelf.

“It’s one of the more rewarding times I have experienced in retirement,” he shares. While he knew of the need for food in the community, he was surprised by the number of people needing assistance. Tom says that giving back has also opened his eyes to the community’s generosity.” The amount of food donated is truly amazing.”

Tom also highlights the diverse range of services provided by 360 Communities in addition to the food shelf. “The other big change is in the other services provided in housing assistance, counseling, homework tutoring, and so many more in addition to the food,” he says.

He says the name “360 Communities” is all-encompassing, providing a place for those in the community to go when they have nowhere else to turn to. “We can always use more volunteers, so if you like people, it’s a great place to come to as well as feel good about what can be provided to those in need,” he adds.

Tom’s dedication to giving back to the community inspires all of us at 360 Communities. We are grateful for his commitment and look forward to continuing to work alongside him to make a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.