In 1970, local church volunteers came together to combine their community service efforts and make a more significant impact. In 1972, the group formed what would eventually become 360 Communities, a nonprofit organization serving the south suburban metropolitan area of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Working together, the founders realized much more could be accomplished by pooling their time and resources. 360 Communities’ original mission focused on meeting the personal, economic and social needs of people in the area.

By the mid-1970s, both Minneapolis United Way and St. Paul United Way had recognized the value of 360 Communities’ services to surrounding communities and provided substantial funding assistance. 360 Communities had become the chief vehicle for social services and community organizing in Dakota County.

We know that meeting the basic needs of families is not enough. 360 Communities has found that to truly help families we must address underlying problems and approach issues holistically. No matter how a person or family enters 360 Communities, they have access to all of our stabilizing programs and resources, ensuring they have the best opportunity to achieve self-sustained success.

Part of what makes 360 Communities so unique is our expertise and strong community partnerships with faith communities, police departments, schools, businesses and professional groups. Ranging from established communities to growing suburbs and rural areas, we serve a diverse population.