School Success

360 Communities’ school success programs engage children from birth to high school graduation to ensure school readiness and success. Our two programs, Child Care Aware and Partners for Success provide the support and resources needed so that all children have the opportunity to succeed in school and beyond. We engage students, teachers, child care providers, and parents through strong communication, home visits, and a strength-based approach. By equipping students with stabilizing and empowering resources, 360 Communities offers the next generation better opportunities for success. 

Our Child Care Aware specialists partner with child care providers, parents, and community organizations to promote quality, affordable child care in Dakota County, whether in a child care center or an in-home provider setting. Specialists provide training and resources to help providers to improve upon their qualifications for state licensure. 

Partners for Success family support workers collaborate with educators and families in school districts across Dakota County to implement home-based learning strategies and increase parental involvement in students’ lives. Family support workers provide community resources and other support so that students have a strong foundation on which to build academic success.

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“I got a diploma. I feel so proud of myself.” 

2023 Service Numbers

students supported by Partners For Success®
high school graduates helped by Partners For Success®
Child care service providers trained by Child Care Aware staff

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