Butterflies symbolize the rebirth that can happen in shelter

Lucy’s situation

In March, Lucy called the 360 Communities Lewis House hotline because of abuse taking place in her home. She arrived at the shelter, afraid about her future. Lucy had several barriers to overcome. She was unemployed, homeless, uninsured, and had significant health issues. In her first few weeks, she suffered from anxiety and cried often. Unfortunately, she had incurred a large amount of debt, had been evicted, and had traffic fines.

Advocates helped Lucy understand the dynamics and impacts of domestic violence, mental health, addiction, and trauma. In support groups, she explored what healthy relationships look like, and learned how overcoming, reclaiming, and creating the life she envisions for herself is possible. During her time in the shelter, she started to feel a renewed sense of self, family, and hope. The staff helped Lucy set goals around employment, housing, and long-term stability. With our help, she quickly found work and then took on a second job to help pay off her overdue bills.

Transforming a life

Lucy checked in with the staff often about her goals. Toward the end of her stay, she experienced a setback with her health. Advocates extended her stay at the shelter to allow her time to recover and continue to work on her goals. From day one at Lewis House, she was proactive in her housing search. Lucy frequently sat at the kitchen island with her paperwork spread out and determined to get work done. Advocates helped her secure funds for her first month’s rent and deposit. However, the day she moved out of the shelter was bittersweet. Lucy said she was forever grateful for everyone at Lewis House. Although the staff knew they would miss Lucy, they celebrated her achievements with her. The shelter would not be the same without her.

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