It’s about connection

a message from President & CEO Jeff Mortensen

President and CEO Jeff Mortensen“360 Communities saved my life. I stayed in an abusive relationship for 12 years, and now I’m free and looking to inspire someone facing a similar situation to let them know that there is hope,” says domestic violence survivor Cheryl. “I am grateful to the volunteers and advocates at Lewis House. Although it was a short stay, I appreciate everything 360 Communities offered, whether it was food, shelter, or counseling.”

After leaving the shelter, Cheryl stayed in contact with our advocates and resource center staff for food and financial support as she built her new life. She recently shared that she has started an exciting new career in the airline industry. Cheryl’s success is why 360 Communities is here: to be a support network for a person in crisis and help them achieve a safe and stable life.

It takes holistic resources and people who care

No single resource will address the complexity of a person’s unique set of circumstances. Most who come to 360 Communities for help, like Cheryl, need multiple resources and a trusted person in their corner to navigate what they face.

Trusting relationships are essential when you want to make a positive difference in someone’s life. When we see, listen to understand, and support one another, we build something greater than ourselves: a thriving community. One of 360 Communities’ strengths is its ability to foster those connections that provide greater opportunity and hope.

360 Communities fields tens of thousands of phone calls and emails every year. Behind every one of those connections are people. Many are in crisis. Others want to connect and provide help. The depth of need in the community has grown, and so has the generosity of those who wish to make a difference through 360 Communities.

Explore the stories on this site and learn how 360 Communities fosters human connections that support people like Cheryl:

  • Learn why our volunteers want to be here and help others.
  • See how community members step into partnership with our mission by contributing to fundraisers and events.
  • Recognize that we collaborate with other organizations in the community to serve people better. And celebrate as we expand programming to connect with even more people.

We are thankful that we have the staff, the donors, the volunteer base, and the infrastructure, to meet people where they are, partner with them, and leverage their unique strengths to build a more hopeful future for the entire community.