360 Communities Child Care Aware staff coach child care providers in Dakota County with research-based best practices for preparing children for school. This involves supporting providers as they work to earn Parent Aware Star Ratings.

The Parent Aware Star Ratings program supports and improves upon the strengths of child care programs, and also helps parents identify quality programs. Child care providers can distinguish themselves by earning up to four stars. All star-rated programs go above and beyond licensing requirements to support school readiness.

Participating Parent Aware programs have:

  • Volunteered for extra, in-depth training.
  • Devoted themselves to strong, caring
    relationships with each child.
  • Adopted the latest approaches to keeping
    children’s learning on track.
  • Committed to daily activities and routines that
    help children learn.
  • Placed a focus on children’s health and safety.
I have been providing child care for 23 plus years … Parent Aware has rejuvenated me as a provider. Parent Aware has taught me so many things about myself and how I provided care. It’s nice to have a coach that encourages me along the way.
Jane, Farmington Child Care Provider
Parent Aware has used learnings from its first years of implementation to strengthen the program. This past year, 360 Communities Child Care Aware coaches have supported 90 providers with coaching, training, and resources to earn star ratings. Multiple studies show the long-term societal value in working upstream to support early childhood development. The aim is to best prepare children to succeed when they enter school. A better start in school will help set them up for success in life.