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Delivering safety and stability to prevent homelessness


Safe, affordable, stable housing is a foundation for having strong families and communities. But far too many Dakota County residents either lack or are at risk of losing this vital and most basic need of shelter. On any given night in Dakota County, there are more than 300 people who are homeless and without adequate [...]

Delivering safety and stability to prevent homelessness2022-11-05T13:10:27-05:00

Survivor chooses a different life


Enduring violence Heather remembers almost passing out as her estranged husband choked her in a rage, with her eight-year-old daughter asleep in the other room. She hit him with her phone, escaped to another part of the house, and locked herself in a room. She called 9-1-1. Police arrested him that night and took him [...]

Survivor chooses a different life2023-03-16T09:48:09-05:00

Mother achieves housing stability


Family faces homelessness Jasmine is an optimistic person and looks for the positive in every situation. But recently, she faced a crisis that has become all too common in Dakota County: the prospect of homelessness. Jasmine and her nine-year-old daughter moved from one apartment to a larger one in the same complex and became involved [...]

Mother achieves housing stability2023-03-16T12:49:13-05:00
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