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Be the hope during Domestic Violence Awareness Month


360 Communities President & CEO Jeff Mortensen October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month To say that the year 2020 has been a challenging one is a vast understatement. But with all of the adversity we are facing, it is clear that our communities still have an enormous capacity to look out for the [...]

Be the hope during Domestic Violence Awareness Month2021-10-29T08:27:16-05:00

Young mother charts safe future


Sarah fled an abusive home life for the Lewis House with little more than the clothes on her back. She was 19 and pregnant, scared to leave the only home she had ever known, and only two weeks away from delivering. Sarah needed shelter and support. 360 Communities Lewis House advocates welcomed her. In the [...]

Young mother charts safe future2020-10-16T10:01:50-05:00

Vote now for a better community


This year's election goes beyond who will be president. Your vote is your voice on issues affecting housing, education, employment and healthcare. Help make a difference in your community and let’s vote on or before November 3rd! Have you registered to vote yet? Do you know how to track your absentee ballot? Information can be found in 11 languages [...]

Vote now for a better community2020-10-16T17:47:47-05:00

Resilience and hope during the COVID-19 pandemic


by Jeff Mortensen President & CEO The pandemic has caused increased levels of uncertainty and anxiety across communities. Dakota County experienced a 3,000% increase in unemployment applications, with more than 37,000 people seeking help in just the last 30 days. Although COVID-19 presents an extraordinary crisis in recent history, families who struggle through hardships have [...]

Resilience and hope during the COVID-19 pandemic2020-05-11T11:55:30-05:00

Mother honors daughter with Facebook fundraiser


Michele Costello’s daughter, Megan Hallquist, passed away last month at the age of 30 from acute liver failure due to complications from diabetes. Costello remembers Megan as “a feisty, funny, giving person, who never thought of herself before others.”  Megan was diagnosed with Type I diabetes when she was an [...]

Mother honors daughter with Facebook fundraiser2020-05-14T12:31:59-05:00

360 Communities delivers safety and stability to the whole family


By Jeff Mortensen President & CEO Already this year, at least 14 Minnesotans have been murdered in domestic violence-related incidents. Victims include two sisters, a mother of three, the elderly, and a family member who intervened to stop his cousin’s assault. The devastating impacts cut across all socioeconomic lines. We need to change in our society. [...]

360 Communities delivers safety and stability to the whole family2019-12-19T12:45:54-06:00

Another transformation from victim to survivor


Lucy's situation In March, Lucy called the 360 Communities Lewis House hotline because of abuse taking place in her home. She arrived at the shelter, afraid about her future. Lucy had several barriers to overcome. She was unemployed, homeless, uninsured, and had significant health issues. In her first few weeks, she suffered from anxiety and [...]

Another transformation from victim to survivor2019-11-05T13:51:10-06:00

Doreen L’Allier, pillar of support, celebrates retirement


Delivering safety and stability that improves lives starts with building trusting relationships, and Doreen L'Allier knows all about that. 360 Communities has developed expertise in this area over the course of more than 45 years in the nonprofit space. Across our program areas, our staff and volunteers stabilize crises, provide support, goal planning and advocacy, [...]

Doreen L’Allier, pillar of support, celebrates retirement2019-11-05T13:51:42-06:00

Looking beyond the mirror at the Lewis House


Looking beyond the mirror In her spring semester, Maris Krekelberg took a Contemporary Feminism course at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. For her class project, she created a piece of art that focused on the intersection between body image, self-esteem, and sexual violence to inspire women to look beyond the mirror. Maris Krekelberg [...]

Looking beyond the mirror at the Lewis House2019-08-15T14:34:51-05:00

New data underscores power of our holistic approach


360 Communities has strategically built an infrastructure to collect and report meaningful progress and community impact through data. In addition to reporting output data such as pounds of food distributed, numbers served, and financial information, 360 Communities is now able to show how its holistic approach impacts an individuals movement toward their self-defined goals. The progress [...]

New data underscores power of our holistic approach2019-06-07T14:33:43-05:00
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